Equipment Checks

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Only those with Equipment Check - Editor permissions can conduct equipment checks. In order to conduct an equipment check, from the menu at the top, select Equipment - Equipment Checks.

Generating Items to Check

Before you can conduct equipment checks you need to generate a list of items to check. We can generate that list from;

  • A list of checks due by a selected date.
  • Any items awaiting repair.
  • Any items in quarantine.
  • Searching for an items reference number.

First select the sites you wish to select equipment from by picking them from the menu on the left. Then select the method you wish to use to generate the list from the options near the top of the page. When selecting to generate the list by due date also select the due date you wish to use. If choosing the generate the list by searching for an items reference number also fill in that items reference number and click on the blue arrow next to the box.

Conducting Checks

Once you have generated your list of items to check you can begin to conduct those checks.

  • Select the item you wish to check from the list by clicking on it. This will fill out that items check requirements below.
  • Fill out any comments, you can also adjust the next check date for this item should you wish to.
  • You can now choose from one of the 4 options
    • Pass - to pass the item, this will also set the items next check date.
    • Fail\Repair - to mark the item as failed and in need or repair.
    • Quarantine - to mark the item as in quarantine.
    • Fail\Destroy\Out of use - to mark the item as failed and permanently out of use.
  • You can also select Print to print that items check requirements.