Managing Staff and Training

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Job Roles

Before you can add any staff you will need to set up job roles. Anyone with Training access can view job roles but only Training Admins can edit or add to them. From the menu on the top select Training - Staff - Job Roles

Viewing Staff

To view a list of staff, from the menu at the top, select Training - Staff - View Staff. From the list of sites on the left tick the sites you wish to view staff for. By default all staff for selected sites are shown. You can use the filters above each column in the grid to search for staff members, Reset Grid Filter will clear this searches.

You can also search fro staff using the training filter;

  • Click Add Training Filter.
  • Select from the 4 available filters
    • Completed will show all staff who have completed the selected course and it has not expired.
    • Expired will show all staff who are required to do the selected course and it has expired or never been completed.
    • Expiring and Expired will show as above but also include those staff whose training in the selected course will expire within 30 days.
    • All will show all staff required to complete the selected course regardless of its status.

Click Remove Training Filter to clear it.

From this page you can also export the current grid to Excel or a PDF by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Adding Staff

Only Training Editors and above can add new staff. To add new staff, from the menu at the top, select Training - Staff - View Staff.

  • Click on Add New Staff Member.
  • Fill out the Staff Members details.
  • Click Insert.
  • Click Cancel to cancel adding a new staff member.

Staff Training

You can view any staff members training requirements and any additional training they may have completed by using the arrow next to each staff members row.

Adding Additional Training

You can add any additional training a staff member may have completed that isn't a requirement for there job role by clicking on Add Additional Training, selecting the course, filling in the completed date and clicking Insert.

Editing Training

To edit training click on the pencil icon next to that item for training, modify the completed date and click update.

Editing Staff

To edit the details of a staff member click on the pencil icon next to the member of staff you wish to edit. You can also access this page by visiting Training - Staff - Staff Detail from the menu on the top and searching for the staff member you wish to edit using the drop down box.

To edit the staff detail fill in any changed and click Save, clicking Cancel will undo any changes you may have made. Below the staff members detail you can see a history of that staff members employment. You can edit that history by clicking on the pencil icon next to the history item.

From this page training records can be edited in the same as describe above, see "editing training" and "adding additional training".