Managing Users

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In order to access the Administrator area click on Administrator in the main menu.

Adding New Users

Clicking "Add New Users" will expand or shrink the New Users panel. Fill out all the necessary information in order to add a new user. The number of users you can add is limited by your license, you can view license information at the bottom of the administrator page.

  • Username: Usernames should be unique
  • E-Mail: All users will require a valid e-mail address
  • Password: Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters in length
  • Confirm: Retype the password here

Once all of the information has been added, click save to add the new user.

Editing Users

Clicking on "Manage Users" will expand or shrink the Manage Users panel.

In order to manage or edit an existing user select the user account you wish to modify from the "Select User" drop down box.

Editing e-mail addresses

Modify the E-mail address as needed and click the "Update" button, this will save the new e-mail address.

Editing a users password

Enter the new password and retype it in the Confirm box, passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters in length. Click "Reset Password" to save the new password.

Setting Module Permissions

Ticking the box next to each module will will give basic permission to the selected user for that module. If you select the module by clicking on its text you will be presented with further permissions for that specific module. Tick this further permission to increase of decrease a users level of access to each module. Lowest level access is at the top and highest at the bottom. Clicking the text of each permission level will give brief overview of that levels access.

Setting site access

You can limit users access to information about selected sites by ticking the site you wish them to have access to in the "Site Access" box.